Triangle of Love Adoption Jewelry
"A Beautiful Tribute To Your Forever Family"

Triangle of Love jewelry is a touching symbol of adoption. A triangle intertwined with a heart symbolizes the birth family, the child, and the adoptive family joined together by love, as equal partners in the adoption experience.

Hand-crafted in solid sterling silver or 14K gold, this high-quality jewelry is sure to be treasured by anyone whose life has been enriched by adoption.

These custom designed pieces of jewelry are made available by a non-profit support group of adoptive parents.

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Small Items (9/16"):
Description & Price
Sterling Charm @ $56.00  
Sterling Lapel Pin @ $56.00  
Sterling Earrings @ $94.00  
Small 14K Charm @ $146.00  
Small 14K Lapel Pin @ $150.00  
Small 14K Earrings @ $270.00  
Medium Items (11/16")Subtotals
Medium Sterling Charm @ $64.00  
Medium Sterling Lapel Pin @ $64.00  
Medium 14K Charm @ $183.00  
14K Lapel Pin @ $183.00  
Large Items (1 1/4"):Subtotals
Large Sterling Charm @ $76.00  
Large Sterling Pin @ $78.00  
Large 14K Charm @ $356.00  
Large 14K Pin @ $430.00  
18" Sterling Silver Chain @ $26.00  
18" 14K Gold Chain @ $75.00  
24" 14K Gold Chain @ $105.00  
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